The number of online marketplaces available on the internet cannot be exhausted. Each year brings a new list of emerging markets, that reinforce the idea, that online shopping is changing how businesses operate globally.

Some of the famous sites that dominate the field include the following.

Game Marketplace

This is undoubtedly a haven for people who enjoy different facets of games. Whether you are into soccer, rugby, basketball or online gaming, this is like a one-stop shop. It is open to receiving more sellers, being relatively new, and promises to help in marketing their wares.


One unique aspect of fruugo is that it allows translation in more than 10 languages. This makes it extremely popular among international markets. It seems to be getting favorable reviews from sellers, who appreciate that they do not have to pay a monthly subscription, but rather a charge on every sale they make.


This European based online marketplace has more than 14 million customers. It offers to advertise and helps sellers push their content across several platforms. One drawback that allegro presents is that sellers have to translate their listings to Polish, and this may cost extra for sellers who do not speak the language and have to get a translator.


This is a famous mail order company based in Germany. The customer makes an order either by phone, or on the web, and the company works with the merchandisers, and brands, to ensure they are delivered to customers. Otto currently works with more than 20 countries and enjoys a big chunk of the European market share.


Franc is a French marketplace that has gained popularity over the years. It is reported to receive more than 15 million active visitors daily and sells different products like electronics, home appliances, and digital items. It provides technical, and marketing, support for newbies who want to sell, and for buyers stopping by for the first time.