Deciding on an online marketplace to buy or sell merchandise can be overwhelming in the wake of the many sites available on the web. For most internet users, the choice always boils down to preference, popularity and price. If a site is able to capture all the three “Ps”, then it is a winner. Convenience also plays a big role.

Some of the famous online marketplaces currently on the web include:


This site provides an array of products ranging from beauty, jewelry, electronics, sporting items, among others. It is based in USA, but it allows buyers outside the States to ship through other logistical companies.


Etsy is a site for people who love homemade and vintage items. It is the place where most antique lovers go to shop online. They also have a mobile application that has been downloaded by millions of online shoppers. Artists and people who do crafts use the platform to connect with buyers worldwide and they even have provision for custom made items.


Based in Africa, Jumia is perhaps the continent’s leader when it comes to online marketplaces. It connects about 30 countries, and it brings together hundreds of merchandisers. Customers buying from Jumia are exposed to different suppliers, so they get to choose the ones that work best for them. Jumia stocks different products, from electronics, beauty, fashion and food delivery services.

TMall (TaoBao Mall)

Tmall is based in China and sells both Chinese and Internationally branded wares. It is reported to have as many as 500 million visitors in any given month. It allows sellers to tap into the massive population China provides, and the numerous opportunities it can afford sellers.


This is India’s largest online marketplace. They got into partnership with Walmart that provides promise of an even faster growth of the already expansive e-commerce platform. Flipkart has more than 100 categories for buyers and sellers. It sells electronics, books, digital communication, furniture,etc.