Last year, global e-commerce sales hit 2.3 trillion U.S dollars. It is estimated that the figures could double in the next five years. This shows how fast online shopping is expanding.

Some of the most visited online marketplaces include:

1. Amazon:

This global giant in online sales made whooping 170 billion US dollars last year. It not only sells goods from all over the world, but also provides a platform for authors, artists, software developers, and musicians to showcase their talents. Additionally, it provides affiliate links for websites who want to make money by redirecting clients to buying specific products.

2. eBay

This is a worldwide shopping website based in the U.S.A that attracts millions of buyers annually. It started as a silent auction company where buyers would indicate the highest price they could pay for a product, and the seller would choose a buyer giving the best deal. However, over the years, eBay has introduced “buy it now” feature where buyers do not have to bid. It also offers online classified advertisement through “kijiji” and event tickets through their StutHub feature.

3. AliExpress (Alibaba)

AliExpress is a vast retail shop in Asia that provides services for international online buyers. It brings together small companies that would otherwise not be visible on the global scene and gives them space to sell their products. You can get a range of products with several reviews. Unlike Amazon, AliExpress does not sell products directly to customers but rather acts as an intermediary.

4. Rakuten:

Based in Japan, Rakuten has spread operations to different countries. It offers brands several opportunities to market their goods and digital content to almost 1 billion people globally. It is also the mother company to, lyft, the gromet and slice.

5. Bonanza:

This platform allows merchants to set up shops in different categories. It is a favorite of most small-scale traders who want to strengthen their brand name.