The rise of online shopping has undoubtedly created the rapid emergence of marketplaces, to tap on the ever-growing demand for products. Some of the giants that have risen to claim space in the market include the following.

This is a Chinese retailer that has grown in popularity over the years. Its operation is different from other e-markets, as it sources products from brands and companies, selling them to customers through the website. Although it is based in China, it allows brands that do not have a presence in the country, to sell through their JD international platform.


Craigslist operates like a social media platform, that allows social interactions, while at the same time, offering a solution for buyers, and sellers, globally. If you are a job seeker, or you have a service to provide, craigslist allows you to advertise, and connect. It also acts as an online marketplace, for merchandisers, and buyers, to get the best deals.


This is a mobile classified app, that allows buyers, and sellers, to connect locally, and buy, or exchange, items. It is a notable mention, owing to its fast growth since inception in 2015. It has close to 75 million downloads, and even though it was initially meant to serve the US, it has expanded to parts of Europe and Canada. It also allows the sale of used products.

Walmart Marketplace

Walmart enjoys brand presence, and loyalty, so when the company set up an online marketplace, it became popular almost instantly. Jet, which is an e-commerce division at Walmart, also has a fair share of the customer base. The two platforms, however, seem to be competing with each other, as they offer almost the same services.


When it was initially set up, it was meant to be a global online marketplace that sells electronics. As it continued growth in the global charts, it started allowing different categories of products, such as clothing and home items.