Any form of investment requires a thorough understanding of financial matters. You need to be up-to-date with the news and headlines of developments in the financial world. Lack of knowledge or inexperience is one of the main reasons investments come crumbling down.

Social trading comes in handy when curbing knowledge shortfalls that might be detrimental to your business success. Social trading works like social media, but instead of sharing media files and messages, traders share trading ideas. Ideally, social trading uk allows traders to interact with like-minded professionals and brainstorm on market trends.

Benefits of social trading

  • Convenient access to dependable trading information
  • Helps you understand the trading markets better
  • Provide an opportunity to learn while still earning
  • Helps you build rich trading networks
  • Common Social Trading Platforms

Since you have an idea of how social trading works, and some of its benefits, it is imperative to look at some social trading platforms Here are some social trading platforms worth considering.


This is among the first social trading apps and was designed with the interests of the average investor at heart. This trading app helps investors make an informed decision when investing in the stock markets. Ideally, it helps ordinary traders benchmark from the big boys in the game rather than making trading decisions based on instinct.


eToro is a trading platform that gives investors an opportunity to learn from each other. It achieves this objective through its interactive features like the News Feed, Copy Trading and demo accounts. The News Feed and Copy are used to monitor and copy what other investors are doing respectively.

Trading View

This is a cloud-based social trading platform for forex traders. It offers innovative social trading tools for both beginners and seasoned traders. Through this platform, traders can follow, learn, copy and exchange ideas among themselves.

Social trading platforms create a reliable trading platform. They might not guarantee success, but they minimise the chances of failure.