The digital age has changed how people shop, and where they purchase their products. The world is becoming an even smaller global village, where marketers have to rethink how they position their products. One of the emerging and growing trends is the use of online marketplaces where several third parties provide goods and services to consumers, while the transactions are processed by the owner of the platform or market operator.

Some of the benefits of online marketplaces for sellers include:

  • You get high customer traffic: If you are looking for a platform to make faster money, and access plenty of customers, then marketplaces provide the best channel
  • You develop trust with the buyer: If you become part of an established online marketplaces such as Amazon, Alibaba, Fiverr and eBay, you will enjoy a relatively higher trust rate, compared to stand-alone businessmen.
  • You can work round the clock: The barriers that define international trading hours are always removed when it comes to online marketplaces. This provides flexibility and allows you to reach customers in several regions
  • It is stress-free: If you are starting up a business, the logistics and process of putting everything in order can be frustrating. Figuring out how to do financial transactions, addressing the legal issues that may come with online sales and handling the stock can be overwhelming. One of the appreciated benefits of online marketplaces for sellers is that they control everything, and provide a template for your transaction
  • You can link your site: Once you develop a huge customer base, some online marketplaces allow you to connect your site to the page. This provides an opportunity for you to market yourself, and create a brand name using the high traffic that such platforms offer
  • You get reviews: Most sites allow buyers to give unbiased reviews on products. If you have excellent customer care and provide the best service, then you will build a strong brand in a short time